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Plumbing System Design

Plumbing and Drainage Services

Design and Drafting services of domestic water plumbing set up

Natural and LP gas piping drafting and planning services

Compressed air and medical gas system plan drawings

Demolition and existing plan drawings

Isometrics’, Riser diagrams, details, schematics and schedules

Shop drawings, As-builts, specifications and coordination

Legends and addendums supplement plumbing construction drafts

Equipment Schedule

Plumbing and Drainage Design and Consultation Services

Establish plumbing Load analysis

Establish utility stub outs and pipe sizes

Locate and coordinate pipe sleeve requirements

Determine pipe chase space requirements

Specify sanitary fixtures

Water supply and distribution plan and details

Wastewater collection system

Sanitary Storm Drain Services

Soil report evaluation

Layout of below and above grade piping

Sewerage plans and details

Establish sewer loads

Establish main pipe size and co-ordinate stub location

Road, rain plans and details

Expansion loops for seismic requirements

Check contour drawings to establish ground cover for sewer lines

Research slope requirements

Vent sizing and routing

Reservoirs and water tank details

Roof drain calculation

Pump sizing and location

Applied Computer Services Ltd established in 1999 and has continuously provided Plumbing Drafting and design services since 2006 for numerous MEP projects including industrial, commercial and institutional buildings.

Contact us +91 40 23406068 or send us email at cad@acsindia.com if you have any query relate to mechanical engineering services.