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3D Mechanical

We, Applied Computer Services Ltd  are one of the leading CAD/CAM Drafting and Designing companies in Hyderabad, India.
We provide services in Solid Modeling, Model Migration, Drafting and Detailing, Finite Element Modeling and Finite Element Analysis using multiple software platforms. Our Engineers work with international drafting standards. We have skilled Engineers, who have hands on experience in Design and Drafting.
Applied Computer Services Ltd provides complex 3D and geometric models made fully parametric, which are required to optimize the design process. We also offer a comprehensive solution for model migration services with different platforms. We provide services for 2D drafting and assembly layout for production. We can quickly develop accurate engineering drawings and make accurate design changes from any design document or model. We can create families of similar parts and assembly configurations quickly. Our services will reduce effort and expenses for generating representations of your products. We provide better design visualization and interpretation with 2D/3D Plan Views and Detail Drawings including Auxiliary and Isometric Views, Exploded Assemblies, True Section Views cut from solid models and Surface/Solid and Wire frame geometry ready for multi-axis NC programming.
ACS provides Finite Element Modeling services in generating complex meshes on 3D models for analysis of stresses and strains and behavior of the model under the influence of various forces. We also have good expertise in predicting dynamic response of structure under different kinds of loads. We can inspect your designs before building prototypes and test your designs under various loads and analyze the functionalities of the product.